belif-Best Seller On The Go Travel Set

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Brand: The Face Shop The Face Shop Product Code: 8801051543032

- Belif Best Seller On The Go Travel Kit 5 travel-size belif skincare items that are the best sellers Composition: 1- Creamy cleansing foam moist 30ml. 2- Bergamot herbal extract toner 20ml. 3- Hungarian water essence 10ml. 4- Moisturizing eye bomb 5ml. 5- The true cream - aqua bomb 10ml
How to use:
1- Creamy cleansing foam moist: Take a penny-size amount of the product in your palm and lather with water, massage gently and thoroughly over the face and rinse with lukewarm water. use daily, morning and evening. 2- Bergamot herbal extract toner: After cleaning your face with cleansing, appropriate a few amount on a cotton pad and wipe off, all skin and neck. 3- Hungarian water essence: After applying toner to a cleansed face, apply a thin layer evenly to face and neck. Massage into skin until fully abosrbed. 4- Moisturizing eye bomb: Gently pat a small amount and massage under the eye rim area with your ring finger until well absorbed, use daily, morning and evening. 5- The true cream - aqua bomb: After emulsion as the last type of skincare, or whenever needed, apply onto your skin, gently spread and tap onto your skin to get it absorbed.