Dr. Belmeur - Clarifying Spot Patch Kit

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Brand: The Face Shop The Face Shop Product Code: 8806182551253

Product Description:

1- Spot Plaster Band: contains Salicylic Acid and Willow Herb for skin calming

2- Spot Hydrocolloid Band: Hydrogel type that absorbs and protects wound infections

3- A two-step spot soothing and protecting patch kit that guards the skin against external contamination and helps protect wounds and absorb the discharge.

How to use:

1- After cleansing when the skin is completely dry.

2- Place the patch on the concerned area (do not use lotion or cream)

3- After about 8~12 hours, remove the Spot plaster patch.

4- Remove after about 4~6 hours, remove the Spot hydrocolloid patch.

5- The product will swell and whiten, and then return to its normal state.

6- Avoid changing too often.

Recommended to use once a day and do not reuse the product.

Size: 40 40 ml