The Face Shop-Mask.Lab Brightening Lift-Up Face Mask

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Brand: The Face Shop The Face Shop Product Code: 8806182573040

Description&features :

1-two Step Lift-up Mask, STEP one Lift-up Mask Sheet , STEP two Lift-up elasticity band, deep absorbing essences to skin.

2-Containing Vitamin C derivatives and Niacinamide (vitamin B 3), Skin brightening and Skin whitening. Black sheet contained bamboo charcoal, highly absorbing essences into skin.

How to use :

1- apply Step 1 face mask sheet on your clean face, wear Step 2 elasticity band on your chin(hanging both ears) for 10~20 mins.

2-After removing sheets, gently do tapping massage(with finger tips) on your face to absorbing remain essences to skin.

Size :

44 g